filter press filter press filter press filter press

Filter Press Function

  • Filter Presses in principal are pressure filters in where a filters pack comprising of a series of plates and frames or chamber plates in compressed between one fixed and one movable bulk head on the other end. The filter media is placed between each individual element.
  • A pair of filter plates when closed form a cavity internally covered on all both sides by the filtering medium. Slurry with uniform distribution of finely dispersed solids in liquid is introduced under pressure in this cavity. Liquid passes out and solids with remaining discharged through a closed pipe formed in the plates or is passed out into open channel through externally mounted cocks.
  • Once the filter cake is fully pressed and filtrate trickles out, the cake can be washed to remove any impurities and the cake can be further dried. Thus solid-liquid separation of a slurry is achieved leaving a filter cake in the cavity are directed through specially devised nozzles fitted in the fixed end.
  • Cake which has built in the hollow space between the plates will fall our once the pack is opened.

Closing Device

Maruti Filter Industries offers three types of closing devices.

  • Mechanically operated screw gear and rachet device only up to 915mm square.
  • Double acting Hydraulic cylinder powered by either motorized power pack or hand hydraulic.
  • Hand Screw Closing Davies.