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"Service" the better service on our products we offered that returns better customer satisfaction. The company's main motto is to provide better service to its customers.

Our Products

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    Automatic Filter Press
    Automatic Filter Press Ceramics manufactured using Clay, Porcelain, Fine earth, Marble and granite...read more
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    Filter Press
    Filter Press Filter Presses in principal are pressure filters in where a filters pack comprising of a series of plates and frames or chamber plates in compressed between one fixed and one movable bulk head on the other end. The filter media is placed between each individual element... read more
  3. 3
    Filter Plates
    Filter Plates Polypropylene Plate and Frame,Cast Iron Plate and Frame,Aluminium Alloy Steam Jacketed Plate,Rubber Membrane Plate...read more
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    Shifter Sed egestas tincidunt mollis. Suspendisse rhoncus vitae enim et faucibus. Ut dignissim nec arcu nec hendrerit. Sed arcu odio, sagittis vel diam in, malesuada malesuada risus. Aenean a sem leo. Nam ultricies dolor et mi tempor, non pulvinar felis sollicitudin....read more
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    Power Pack System
    Power Pack System power pack system....read more
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    Hydraulic Cylinder
    Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic Cylinder Capacity 30T to 300T....read more